Bramley window cleaner – St. Catherine’s Independent School

St. Catherine’s is a prestigious independent school just south of Guildford in the village of Bramley. It first opened its doors in 1885. They were looking for a Bramley window cleaner, so they called me!

The Estate Manager reached out to me to provide some much-needed window cleaning on an ad-hoc basis as the previous contractor did not live up to the quality and professionalism that was expected. The school’s mantra is “Let us go on … (unto perfection)” and that is clearly what was expected from window cleaning carried out there.

They wished to keep the workmanship local and seeing I lived locally in Bramley at the time I was happy to oblige and live up to that standard.

As you can imagine with a building of this scale and history, each facet of cleaning had to be individually risk assessed and carefully planned, not only to keep risk to a minimum but also an optimized workflow to minimize disruption. Most work was carried out during half-terms, so every aspect had to be completed during its allotted time period. H&S site safety was strictly adhered to and also a crystal-clear finish on not only the glass but also the frames and sills was achieved.

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Through the decades many new buildings were erected, and it really has added to the charm of the entire site. Many of the windows of the original site were all wooden sash windows with single paned glass. You could easily tell that the original window cleaning company cleaned only the glass and not any framework or windowsills. The build up of grime and dirt was very apparent and the result of my cleaning could not have been more noticeable. Grey-ish frames and windowsills were completely white now after thorough cleaning. Not just the ground floor level windows but also the high dormer windows were cleaned to the same standard. This required my experience and expert skill as any windows over 35ft high require different techniques and equipment to successfully clean.

Some of the newer additions to the complex was the Anniversary Halls, which was built to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the School. This was an expansive £15M project with many different types and sized of glass panes. This building included large “self-cleaning” glass panels that needed careful cleaning so bring out the luster that is so apparent with a glass façade like this. Unfortunately, self-cleaning glass is a misnomer and this type of glass still needs to be regularly cleaned, even though under the right circumstances it does stay cleaner for longer.



  • Timber started working for me through personal recommendation, it’s the best way to find somebody. Timber is so professional, reliable and organized. He always texts or calls 24hrs in advance to let me know he is coming. It’s such a relief to find a “personal service” from somebody local – we had reluctantly been using a commercial firm for 2 years since our previous window cleaner had retired. But we were not happy with their service and were concerned about security, since we live quite remotely. Timber is a brilliant window cleaner; he is very professional, always does a super job and is a pleasure to have around. He comes highly recommended – you would be lucky to get him! Another much appreciated thing is that he will take cash/cheque, but prefers online payment, which is easiest and quickest of all!

    Annie Sutcliffe Loxhill, Hascombe
  • Trustworthiness and reliability are major considerations when entrusting a “stranger” with access to your property. I needn’t have worried as Timber delivers on both counts. His system of sending a text message the night before he’s due to come works brilliantly. Timber is always prepared to go the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble, including offering to go to the chemist when I was unwell! Timber obviously takes pride in his work, is unfailingly cheery and friendly and I have recommended him to friends who are equally delighted with his service.

    Lisa Huntley Guildford
  • Previous window cleaners were unreliable; they would turn up a couple of times and then disappear. Timber is absolutely reliable, charges a fair price and does an excellent job. All doors are cleaned as well as the glass. He also does inside cleaning on request and never leaves a mess. You can pay online very easily. Timber is very pleasant to have around. I have recommended him to several neighbours and would have no hesitation in recommending him further.

    Alison Owen Godalming
  • I would highly recommend Timber. He’s 100% reliable, always comes, and never bothers us. In fact he even made a plan for our over enthusiastic puppy who wanted to join him whilst he was cleaning and managed to safely secure her when he left the house. He is neat and he leaves all windows looking fabulous. He is courteous and professional – a service well worth having, and his price is very reasonable. Thank you!

    Theresa Littleton
  • Timber could not have been more reliable. He keeps in touch so that I know exactly when he will come. He is always cheerful and does a great job. Too often, window cleaners start and then don’t call back. I would totally recommend Timber for his quality of work but as importantly his reliability

    Lyn Barber Shamley Green
  • Timber was working for neighbours who only use good quality tradesmen, so it made sense to add another customer while in the area. I am not disappointed. Timber is always so polite, rarely found nowadays. He’s very unobtrusive, when he worked from a ladder I never felt that my home was being judged or spied upon. I have no qualms about him cleaning the insides of the windows because: 1) He is trustworthy, 2) He puts on blue plastic overshoes, 3) He is bold enough to brave my daughter’s bedroom – without comment! Timber will speak if spoken to (whilst still working) and does a professional job.

    Lucianne Clement Bramley
  • Cleaning windows can be a nightmare when you live in a tile hung house. You need a window cleaner to be very careful. Timber has cleaning our windows for some while now; we are really pleased with the excellent quality of his work and his reliability. We were recommended to Timber by a neighbour and we have since recommended him to others. He does exactly what you need from a window cleaner – an excellent job, well reliable and careful. Thank you Timber!

    Ms. O. T. Chilworth
  • We started to use Timber’s services because we had been impressed by his friendly professionalism, and then a very pleasant surprise was that his system was so much quicker and effective then “old-fashioned” window cleaning. There are never any smears and the frames are washed too. Timber’s prices are reasonable, he is reliable, polite and gives good and regular services. We have also asked him to clean windows indoors which he does on request 3-4 times a year. All in all we have no complaints and would happily recommend him.

    Margie & Roger Martin Guildford
  • I moved to Chilworth 5 years ago and spotted Timber cleaning windows at a nearby house. I asked him if he would be willing to clean my windows, as has done so ever since. He is very reliable and punctual, and is also willing to clean windows inside if needed. Timber also cleans my daughter’s windows and we are both very happy and have no reservation of recommending him highly. He is very thorough, helpful and friendly. The windows are cleaned very well.

    Mrs. J. Sinclair Chilworth
  • My previous window cleaner retired, and a neighbour recommended Timber. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which he was able to clean the windows without using a ladder – and there are never any streaks! He prides an excellent and reliable service and would (and have) recommended him to others.

    Liz. P Shalford
  • Before I started using Timber’s services, my concerns were that he would clean the windows without any smears, and that the dirty water would not drip on to the floor. Also all the furniture would be positioned in the correct places. I was surprised how fast he cleaned all the windows. The system is very effective and done to perfection. Any problems I know he will put right ASAP. All the sills are wiped clean which makes a big difference. I would recommend him to others.

    Lisa Lubbock Gomshall
  • Timber has been my window cleaner for 3 years now and during that time the quality of work has always been fantastic. He is reliable and honest, very important factors within any profession. I would recommend him completely.

    Nicky Parks Loxwood
  • I have been very happy with the level of service from Timber. He is reliable, efficient, friendly, trustworthy and honest. My windows are beautifully cleaned each time and the service is regular and reliable. I would recommend him to friends and neighbours with no qualms.

    Ms. Moulding Godalming
  • I have been using Timber’s cleaning services both privately and at my place of work for many years. Windows at both properties are done in no time with a highly professional result. I am very pleased with the quality of work and would not hesitate to recommend to other businesses as well as private properties. Thank you very much for your excellent service!

    Kamila Ziegelbauerova Dunsfold
  • Your service is efficient and reliable. Always regular. The service is also friendly and the cleaning is excellent. Also the service is flexible, can be changed if for an important reason. This is very good for the customer. I would be happy to recommend the service to others as the cost is reasonable and the service provided is dependable.

    Ann Delonga Shalford
  • Three floor building needs special service and Timber does a great job. I also have the insides of the windows cleaned by Timber annually. Keep up the good work!

    Michael Gifford Albury
  • We are very happy with the services, and would recommend you to others.

    Abbeyfield (Guildford) Society Ltd. Guildford
  • Timber has been cleaning our windows for several years. He works well and efficiently. He is pleasant and reliable and we recommend him to others.

    Mrs. Armstrong Shalford
  • You do a very good job; I do appreciate it very much and would recommend you to others.

    Maggie B Guildford

Some of the more health and safety sensitive aspects of the work had to be done on the main building where round the rear and side of the property were windows that could only be accessed by carefully managing access over roofs and very tight courtyards and walkways. Thankfully after a visual and written risk assessment the risk was deened to be acceptable and could be managed by careful planning and the use of fall arrest systems and the correct use of ladders under the working at height directive.

Of course, it was incredibly important as well that all aspects of work were covered by my public liability insurance.

I very much enjoyed the many days of work I carried out there over the years, but at one point the school decided that all window cleaning work had to be done in-house and my work there was successfully completed and I look back with great pride that was able to play a small part in keeping this prestigious school look its very best!

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  • I can reach awkward windows and windows
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