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Annie Sutcliffe

Timber started working for me through personal recommendation, it’s the best way to find somebody. Timber is so professional, reliable and organized. He always texts or calls 24hrs in advance to let me know he is coming.

It’s such a relief to find a “personal service” from somebody local – we had reluctantly been using a commercial firm for 2 years since our previous window cleaner had retired. But we were not happy with their service and were concerned about security, since we live quite remotely.
Timber is a brilliant window cleaner; he is very professional, always does a super job and is a pleasure to have around.
He comes highly recommended – you would be lucky to get him!
Another much appreciated thing is that he will take cash/cheque, but prefers online payment, which is easiest and quickest of all!

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Nathanael JonesAnnie Sutcliffe

Mrs. Armstrong

Timber has been cleaning our windows for several years. He works well and efficiently. He is pleasant and reliable and we recommend him to others.

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Nathanael JonesMrs. Armstrong

Michael Gifford

Three floor building needs special service and Timber does a great job. I also have the insides of the windows cleaned by Timber annually. Keep up the good work!

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Nathanael JonesMichael Gifford

Ann Delonga

Your service is efficient and reliable. Always regular. The service is also friendly and the cleaning is excellent. Also the service is flexible, can be changed if for an important reason. This is very good for the customer.
I would be happy to recommend the service to others as the cost is reasonable and the service provided is dependable.

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Nathanael JonesAnn Delonga

Kamila Ziegelbauerova

I have been using Timber’s cleaning services both privately and at my place of work for many years. Windows at both properties are done in no time with a highly professional result.

I am very pleased with the quality of work and would not hesitate to recommend to other businesses as well as private properties.
Thank you very much for your excellent service!

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Nathanael JonesKamila Ziegelbauerova

Ms. Moulding

I have been very happy with the level of service from Timber. He is reliable, efficient, friendly, trustworthy and honest. My windows are beautifully cleaned each time and the service is regular and reliable. I would recommend him to friends and neighbours with no qualms.

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Nathanael JonesMs. Moulding

Nicky Parks

Timber has been my window cleaner for 3 years now and during that time the quality of work has always been fantastic. He is reliable and honest, very important factors within any profession. I would recommend him completely.

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Nathanael JonesNicky Parks

Lisa Lubbock

Before I started using Timber’s services, my concerns were that he would clean the windows without any smears, and that the dirty water would not drip on to the floor. Also all the furniture would be positioned in the correct places.

I was surprised how fast he cleaned all the windows. The system is very effective and done to perfection.

Any problems I know he will put right ASAP. All the sills are wiped clean which makes a big difference. I would recommend him to others.

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Nathanael JonesLisa Lubbock